Why is Swiss coffee paint making a comeback?


In Switzerland, a thriving business in the paint business is making a triumphant comeback.

Swiss coffee maker Sauschka-Götterman said it has more than doubled its sales since the beginning of the year.

“We have seen a lot of demand and a lot more interest from customers and businesses,” he said.

“And we are seeing a lot growth in our business.”

Sauschkemper has made coffee pots and pans since 2003.

Now it’s making new coffee paint.

“The whole world is interested in the new colours we are making.

So we are very happy,” he explained.”

I think it is going to help the economy because of the higher demand for new paints.”

It is a very profitable business and I think we have the right product to offer.

“Sauber has also been seeing a spike in demand for paint after launching its own brand of paint last year.

Owner Dieter Zetsche said the company’s customers had been “so enthralled” with the new colour.”

Swiss Coffee Paint is a brand we created and we want to offer a unique and innovative product,” he told ABC Radio.”

So we will be launching a new range of paints in the near future.

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