You can buy jewelry with diamond paints: How to get the most out of your precious gem


There are a ton of amazing jewelry paint kits out there that are perfect for any occasion, and you can get the best out of them by purchasing a few different colors.

But which colors are the best for your precious stone? 

One of the most common questions asked is, “what’s the best diamond paint?”

And there’s a lot of information out there, but the answers can vary wildly. 

Here’s our guide to the best, most popular diamond paint colors, and what they’re made of.

The Diamond Paint KitThe Diamond Color: A dark, brownish-gray-gold-purple color that can be used on any diamond or diamond-shaped piece of jewelry. 

It is used to highlight the shape of the stone. 

How to Use the Diamond Color on a Diamond: There are a few simple ways to use the Diamond Paint kit:1.

Add a small amount of the paint to the top of your diamond, and add it to the base of your jewelry piece. 

This will help add a sparkle to your jewelry.2.

Mix the paint with a small dab of water to make a very thin layer of paint. 

You can also dab it on a nail, and then dab it over the nail to create a thin layer. 

The paint will help blend with the jewelry.3.

Add the paint over a diamond that has a smaller diamond or ring. 

Make sure the paint is very thin, and is evenly distributed throughout the entire diamond. 

If the paint doesn’t mix well with the stone, you may need to add a little more paint to create the right color.4.

Apply the paint on the diamond to give it a bit of a shimmery look. 

Using the same technique as above, mix the paint into the stone and rub the paint onto the surface of the gem. 

Keep in mind that the paint needs to be very thin and evenly distributed, so use a dab or two of paint to achieve the desired look.5.

Add your gemstone to the paint, and dab a dab of the liquid paint onto it. 

As you dab it, make sure you get the entire piece to blend into the paint.

If you want to add more glitter to your art, apply a little of the glitter to the surface and rub it on the surface.

 Use a small brush or paint brush to dab glitter onto the diamond and then lightly dab it onto the jewelry piece before applying the polish. 

Don’t forget to keep your eye out for glitter on your jewelry! 

The Diamond White: This is the most commonly used color, and it’s also a great color for jewelry.

It’s a deep, rich blue, and a nice color for most jewelry.

How to Apply the Diamond White on a Jewelry: Apply the white paint on your diamond or a smaller piece of your piece of jewellery, and rub into the gemstone. 

When applying the white, dab it lightly over the gem, so it blends with the white. 

Paint the white over the jewelry, and use a small white brush or brush to apply the paint slowly. 

Be sure to get a good coat of the white onto the gem and polish it to perfection.6.

Use a small diamond brush to brush a small portion of the black paint on a piece of diamond, such as a ring. 

 This will create a beautiful shimmery effect. 

Once you have finished with the brush, gently rub the glitter onto a piece to create sparkles. 

To create a subtle shimmer, dab a small bead of white glitter onto one of the diamonds, and gently dab a smaller bead of glitter onto another of the gems. 


Use another small diamondbrush to dab a bead of the same color on your gem. 

 Dab a small piece of white polish over the white to create an even layer.

Use the brush to blend the white polish into the jewelry pieces.8.

Use your hand to dab the glitter on the jewelry to create some sparkles on the gemstones. 

After the polish is applied, you can apply a small splash of white to a diamond to create even more sparkles, or dab a light dab of glitter on top of the jewelry for a stunning effect.9.

Use small, dark, and white paint brushes to dab on your jewellery piece, and apply the glitter over it.10.

You can also paint on other gems such as earrings, necklaces, and necklamp cases, using white paint.11.

Use an eyebrow brush to gently dab glitter over your jewelry to give the look of glitter.12.

Using a finger nail to dab your glitter onto your jewelry, dab the polish over your gemstones to create subtle glitter.13.

Apply a small, medium-sized bead of paint on top, and carefully dab it to create small, subtle sparkles around your jewelry pieces or