Cowboys paint cactus painting with ‘nighthawks’


The Dallas Cowboys’ new “Nighthawks” paint job is an homage to the Dallas Cowboys, and it’s not just the color.

The team painted “Nights and Nights” on the cactus and painted it in an eye-catching shade of pink.

It’s a nod to the iconic Nighthawks logo.

The Cowboys have used the Cowboys Nighthawk for the past seven years, but this year, the team’s new “Cactus Paint” has become an instant classic.

“We thought it was an eye catcher and it was a great tribute to the Cowboys,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

The color scheme was inspired by the team logo on the front of the Cowboys’ stadium, which features the team name in gold letters and a nighthawk.

The team’s name is also stamped on the back of the nighthuckers jerseys.

The Nighthaws are a Native American tribe that has been fighting to keep their ancestral lands and culture from being stolen from them by white settlers.

The Cowboys’ nighthaws were featured prominently on their home jerseys during the 2014 season.

The nighthawers have been fighting the government to keep the tribe’s lands and cultural artifacts from being taken from them.

They say they have been unfairly targeted by the government.

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