Why do liberals hate paint stores?


The paint store is a favorite among liberals, but it is also a source of frustration among conservatives.

The painting store is one of several businesses that have been hit hard by a series of legal battles between Trump and the state of New York over his revised travel ban, which he announced on Jan. 28.

Trump has been sued more than 20 times by the state, alleging that he has violated the federal travel ban and has discriminated against Muslims.

And it has also been sued by the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin over their own travel bans.

There are many reasons why paint stores have become a target of Trump.

A recent poll by the Center for Public Integrity found that only 17% of Republicans support painting stores in their states, and only 7% of Democrats.

The poll also found that nearly a quarter of all voters in New York state (24%) said that they oppose painting stores and only 10% of voters in Pennsylvania (22%) do so.

“We’re seeing this from a conservative standpoint that paint stores are not only a threat to businesses, but they’re a threat for the economy as well,” said Sarah Anderson, an assistant professor of political science at George Washington University.

“In New York, the paint store industry is worth $300 million.

It’s a very strong sector for New York.”

But the paint stores themselves may be losing business to Trump’s travel ban.

In March, Trump signed a revised travel order that eliminated the Muslim ban, allowing more travelers to enter the U.S. from the seven countries listed in the travel ban without a special exception.

The order also made a permanent pause on the entry of refugees into the U