What’s new for Disney’s “Frozen” season 3?


A couple weeks ago, we wrote about Disney’s recent announcement that the second season of “Frost” would be called “Fantasia” instead of “The Frozen” and the studio had also revealed that the film would feature a female lead in its upcoming sequel.

Now, it looks like “Fantasyland” will feature a woman in its next installment, as Disney has confirmed that Kristoff will return in the film’s second half.

Kristoff’s presence will be felt in “Fantomasia” as he returns to the same world he first crossed as a child, where he was raised by a fairy godmother.

According to the film, Kristoff’s adventures in this realm will continue as he tries to restore the world to its former glory.

Disney has also confirmed that “Fanta” and “Spirited Away” star Hayley Atwell will return to reprise her role as the title character.

“Frozen,” which hits theaters Dec. 18, will continue its story of the young Princess Anna, who was born to a royal family but grew up in the shadow of her father, King Olaf, in the land of Arendelle.

The film also stars Kristoff, Idina Menzel, Toby Jones, and Idina Tønnesen.

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