How do I remove all the paint from my computer?


If you’ve got a Mac with the Paint Tool installed, you may have noticed a small piece of glass poking out of the keyboard dock.

You’ll probably never see this glass again, but it’s not too hard to fix.

First, open the software that comes with the Mac, and then locate the Paint tool.

Click on the Tool menu, then select Tool.

Tap the Paint icon in the upper right corner.

Click the Remove icon.

Once you’ve clicked the Remove button, your Mac should now appear with the glass removed.

Open your Finder window, and open up the Finder sidebar.

Tap on Utilities.

Click and drag the PaintTool.exe file you downloaded to the Applications folder.

You should now see a new window open.

Double-click on the Painttool.exe to open the tool.

Tap it and choose Show Package Contents.

Open the Paint Tools menu, and click the Paint button.

Tap the Clear button to clear the contents of the PaintKit window.

You’ll be prompted to create a new PaintKit application.

Select the Create application option and click OK.

Now your Mac will appear as a blank application with a new Window and an empty palette.

To remove the paint, double-click the Paintkit.exe and tap Clear.

Now, the Paint Kit window will disappear.

To restore the original appearance of your Mac, open up your Applications folder and open the Utilities folder.

Tap Utilities.

Tap PaintKit.

Tap Open.

Tap PaintKit and select Restore from the toolbar.

Tap Restore from Application Menu.