When the butterfly went to bed, it had the wrong color


A lady butterfly has been painting its wings purple and then lighting them on fire.

The animal’s owner, who has since been jailed, was arrested after she found a note on her laptop which read: ‘I don’t want to leave this planet.

If you leave, I will go to heaven.

You can’t do that to me’.

It is the second time the painting has been destroyed, with the first being last year.

The bird, which lives in a forest near Bordeaux, France, was found in a state of disrepair in March.

The creature was painted black, with white lines running through its body, as it lay in its nest in the forest, local police chief Vincent de Vigo told local newspaper L’Orient.

The note was taken out of the bird’s nest and set on fire, he said.

In addition to the damage to the bird, it was damaged by the heat, according to local news channel La Libre.’

The bird burned so much that it started to fall apart,’ a police officer told local television station BFMTV.

The owner of the butterfly, who is in her 60s, is being held in custody on charges of arson and wilful destruction of property.

She has not yet been formally charged, but police said they would ask a court to send her to prison for a further six months.

The conservation group Pesto Conservation is now asking for the butterfly to be destroyed as part of a national conservation plan.’

This animal was painted by a painter who should be in prison and is now in a dangerous situation,’ Pestos chief executive Michel Bélanger told AFP news agency.’

We need to find an answer for this incident.”

I don ‘t want to live without my bird’The painting’s owner is said to have painted the butterfly with black paint.

She told the newspaper: ‘It has been a long time since I have painted my wings purple.

I don’t know what happened to my bird.’

I have been living in this house for a long, long time, so I want to give it to someone who is going to look after it.’

It’s a shame that I can’t see my bird.’

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