‘Toys for your Minecraft Minecraft’ by a Minecraft developer


In a move designed to highlight the benefits of Minecraft for children, a Dutch company is offering Minecraft-themed toys for children.

The Minecraft-focused Toys for Your Minecraft project aims to help children “learn how to make, decorate, and use Minecraft blocks, as well as build their own, and learn to craft their own Minecraft blocks”, according to a press release.

The project is a collaboration between two companies called M3Games and Mojang.

Minecraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Mojang, which allows children to play together by playing on the same server.

Minecraft blocks can be used to decorate a room, decorating a tree, build a house or even build a castle.

Minecraft has also been used to create a series of educational games.

The Mojang Minecraft-inspired game, called Minecraft: Build Your Own House, is based on the Minecraft game and features LEGO blocks.

Minecraft is also used in games that encourage creativity and problem solving, including Minecraft: Explore the World, a game that uses blocks to explore a virtual world.

The Toys for your Mine project aims at providing “a safe and enjoyable way to play Minecraft” and encourages children to “play with their friends, and try new things”, the press release said.

The Mojang project will “support the development of new Minecraft blocks and features”, the company said.

M3Games, which is based in the Netherlands, is a maker of games for mobile devices.

In 2014, it partnered with Microsoft to create Minecraft for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Mojang’s partnership with M3 Games is aimed at providing Minecraft-specific games and features.

In the Mojang-Minecraft project, M3 games will include a range of Minecraft-related Minecraft items including a wooden tower, a wooden house, a Minecraft-shaped table, a brick wall, and a Minecraft house.

“This is a great opportunity to get Minecraft fans together in a fun, positive environment,” Mojang’s founder Erik Johnson told New Scientist.

“The whole team wants to make Minecraft for everyone, and we hope that we can bring some of the fun and excitement of Minecraft to the kids as well.”

The Mojangs plans for the Toys for Minecraft project, which will be based in South Africa, are described in a press statement.

“We want to make toys that are great for kids,” Johnson said.

“Our Minecraft toys will be aimed at the Minecraft-loving child and will provide Minecraft-like activities for their kids to enjoy.”

M3 Games, which has a website and Twitter account, says that Minecraft-branded toys will sell for between $1.49 and $2.99 each.

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