How to Paint Your Own House in a Day: From Painted House to Terrarium!


By now, you’ve probably heard of the new art house in Pittsburgh, PA, the newest addition to the list of the city’s art museums.

The new art-themed house, called the Tivoli, has been created by Pittsburgh artist Tivolis Bowery and features a glass-enclosed garden filled with paintings, sculptures, and installations that are all hand-painted.

The building is currently in the process of being completed, but for now, it’s open for tours.

The house was designed by the renowned Pittsburgh artist and sculptor, Tom Goss, and is also designed with the artist’s children and grandchildren in mind.

Goss’ original idea for the Ticoli was to have it become a miniature version of the Tanger Outfitters’ house in which guests can enjoy the outdoors.

The Ticolis design has since evolved into a multi-purpose space that is also used to house private events, a wedding reception, a performance space, and other events. 

To get the best out of the art house experience, visitors can get to know Goss and his wife, Mary.

The family has a knack for making the most out of their home. 

“The house is a real tribute to Tivole’s artistry and design,” said Mary Goss.

“It’s also the perfect location to get to meet the children and grandparents.” 

The Ticolia was inspired by the family’s experience in an orphanage. 

The family is not the only ones who love the art of the family, as the house also features an impressive collection of decorative paintings and sculptures. 

In addition to painting, the Ticeroli also has a garden filled to the brim with plants and flowers. 

For the children, the family also offers a painting studio in which they work on their own artwork. 

Mary Goss also says that the children can visit the art-filled garden at any time. 

When it comes to the family members’ artistic talents, Goss is a master of the macabre. 

She told us that she and her husband were inspired by a famous horror movie called “Murder House” and the story of a couple who find themselves trapped in a haunted house after being attacked by the house’s residents. 

Tivolis is also known for his signature paintings, including this beautiful painting titled “Horse-Trimming.” 

For those who want to paint their own house, the first step is to visit the Tisolis’ new location in the Pittsburgh Art Museum. 

If you want to be able to see more of Goss work, you can visit his website, which is filled with his latest work. 

And for anyone interested in finding out more about the Tili’s new home, they can sign up for tours or visit the family museum. 

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You just need to love the neighborhood and the city. 

A new art museum is about to open in the heart of the Pittsburgh metro area.

Tivoli is one of the newest additions to the Pittsburgh art museum, and it’s already one of my favorite museums in the entire country.

When the Ticiles opened the Tico’s art museum in 2008, it was a place that I would have never considered when I first started to explore Pittsburgh.

The opening ceremony was the most impressive event in Pittsburgh history.

The Tisols own the house that was once home to a child-care center.

The museum features the works of Gormez, who painted the exterior of the house and the interior of the garden, as well as a few of the artist family’s sculptures and paintings.

I can’t wait to go back to the Tisi’s new art home to learn more about their work and to explore the neighborhood that I’ve lived in my whole life. 

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