Why are people still painting their faces with stencil paint?


The NHL is finally making some headway with its long-running campaign to get fans to stop using face-painting equipment, after a new study found that fans are still spending a lot of money on the practice.

According to the study, conducted by market research firm Strategy Analytics, the average NHL fan spends about $6.16 on face-paint on a regular basis.

That’s about three times the average ticket price for a home game and more than twice the average cost of an NHL hockey jersey.

The study found only a small percentage of fans are using face painting equipment, with the average fan spending about $2.35 on a face mask and $3.33 on a spray can, or $2 and $2 per year respectively.

The average fan spent about $1.86 on a mask and a spray, or about $9.40 a year.

In contrast, the study found an average NHL player spent about half of his money on face painting.

While the league is currently looking to eliminate face painting from its product lineup, the issue is far from over.

The NHL has already introduced a new face-mask policy in which all players will be required to wear a mask by the end of the 2017-18 season.

The policy will go into effect immediately for players under the age of 26 and will be in effect until Jan. 1, 2018.

The league is also working on a new program to allow fans to pay with face cards or debit cards, but it’s not clear whether the two will be implemented until the 2017 season.