A simple painting idea for the weekend


“This week, it’s mushrooms painting, mushrooms,” the caption on a post on Instagram shows.

“It’s a little more simple than painting, but it’s very simple to do.”

The Instagram caption, which has more than 7,000 likes, features a mushroom painting on a white canvas, surrounded by blue and red flowers.

The post is tagged “Mushroom Painting,” and is one of a handful of “simple painting ideas” on the site.

“It’s the art of the simple,” one user wrote.

Another said, “This weekend, it is mushrooms painting.”

But this one isn’t simple at all.

“A few days ago I came across this simple painting of a mushroom, and I wanted to try it out,” another user wrote in another post.

“So I decided to try painting my own mushrooms and make a simple mushroom painting.”

They also shared a simple, yet powerful, mushroom painting idea: “Just paint a picture of a white mushroom with a blue, red, and yellow background, and just fill in the colors to create a different picture.”

And this one, though it’s not a simple painting, is one that will help you feel less overwhelmed when trying to tackle a busy weekend: “I’ve been trying to paint a mushroom picture for a few weeks now and I just found a great one today!”

Another user said, “.



I’ve never done this before.

And I really like it!”

One user wrote, “this is what it looked like when I painted mushrooms.”

“You know what?

I actually love the color,” another person said.