How to find the best artworks on The Verge


The Verge’s new art and culture hub, the Art Gallery, is the perfect place to find artworks and curators in the United States and around the world.

We’ve collected a handful of the best of the year’s work, and you can check them out below.

Here’s a roundup of the 10 best paintings on The New Yorker’s new home, which opened this past January:This piece of art is by Natsumi Otsuka, a Japanese artist best known for her work in the anime “Tsubasa”.

It was created as part of the Japanese artist’s first exhibition at New York’s The Whitney Museum.

Natsumi has created an interesting collection of images, including a series called “Shadows of Memory”, which she began in 2007.

It explores the concept of memory in art through a series of images that look back on the past.NATSUMI OTSUKA, SHADOWS OF MEMORY , 2008, TARGET AUCTION TARGET AUGUST/FEBRUARY: Natsumiko Otsuya is a Japanese painter who began her career as a manga artist and is now working as a freelance illustrator.

Her work focuses on images of the human body, especially those of women.NAMUS, MY MIND, 2008, HARDWOOD BEDROOM SHADOWS IN MY MENTAL HEART, 2008-11, TANK BEDROCK, HALL OF FAME The Japanese artist Nami Shigeru created the piece in 2008, and it was part of an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

It’s a work of art inspired by a young girl’s memory of a time in Japan, when she was raped and killed. 

The piece also explores a time period in Japan when Japan’s military conducted a purge of political opponents. 

NAMUNAI SHIGERU, MY MADNESS, 2008: A LITTLE WOMAN IN A LIGHT SHADOW, 2008 NAMUANO SHIGERO, MY VICTIM, 2008 In the gallery, you can also find “Shining Light”, a painting by the Japanese painter Tatsumi Matsuzawa.

It is part of a collection called “Tokyo Dreams”, and is a meditation on Japan’s postwar trauma and Japanese history. 

MATSUZAWA, JAPAN’S LAST WAR, 2008 , TARGET BED ROOM TATSUKI MATSU, JAZZ, 2009 This Japanese artist has been creating works about memory since he was in his early 20s, and this piece is the latest. 

“My Memories”, as Matsuzawas work is known, depicts a young woman who was raped in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The woman’s memory is captured through the images of herself, her lover and the other people she saw. 

In her later years, the artist moved away from memory, and in her paintings, she focuses on her own life. 

Her work also explores the relationship between art and memory, especially when the subject is Japanese. 

JAZZ TATSUKO, MY FATE, 2009, HANDOUT Matsuzawashas work explores the theme of “self-love” in art.

In the painting, a young man tries to connect with a female character in the form of a doll. 

HANDOUT TATUKO, SENTIMENTAL DREAM, 2009TAT SUKO, JETSU KITANO, SHITTY, 2009  This piece by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami was one of several works on display at the Art Centre in 2009.

The painting is a portrait of Murakame.