When did you first notice the idea of wall painting?

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When did I first notice it?

It is a simple question, I think, but one that has haunted me since I was a kid.

In our house, a small window, at one end, faces the kitchen, at the other, the bathroom.

I was an obsessive wall painter.

For many years I would sit on the floor, and I would paint a little portrait of a person sitting on the counter.

I would say, “This is my picture of my friend.

Do you want to paint this?

I am sure you want it too.”

I never asked permission.

Then one day I looked outside the window and I saw the picture of a man standing on the kitchen floor.

It was just a simple picture, and the people sitting on it, I could tell from the faces.

I thought, “Ah, this is a portrait of my brother and I want to do a portrait for him.”

I decided to take it on.

I went down to the kitchen and put a portrait on the wall.

I said, “I am taking it off.

I am going to take off this portrait and paint a picture of someone sitting on a kitchen floor.”

I took it off and painted a picture.

I was very excited to paint a portrait.

I knew it would be good, and it would look great on my wall.

But when I got there, the portrait was gone.

I looked at it and said, I have no idea what I have done.

When I got back to the house, I looked around the kitchen.

There were no more portraits of people sitting there.

I had never imagined painting a portrait, but I was in the midst of painting portraits of my friends, my family, my classmates.

I began painting a picture and thinking, “Oh, there’s no point in painting it.”

I was just making the picture up.

And then I started to paint the people who were sitting on them.

I started painting the people in the bathroom, and my friends and my family began to paint them.

They started painting people on the coffee table.

My brothers and sisters began painting the men on the dining room table.

I had no idea that this would become such a big thing.

I think that I began to be influenced by the image of the portrait painting, and so the idea grew up that you can paint a lot of things, even paintings, and yet it takes a lot time.

The idea that you could do it in a matter of hours was one of the reasons I started doing it.

In the 1970s, I started spending time with my wife, Sonia, and with my kids, Kunal, Shiv and Rishab.

I spent all my free time painting.

When they started school in the early 1990s, we had this big idea to take the kids to art museums.

I wanted them to learn about painting, to get a taste of what was going on in India.

It’s not that painting is new.

It has been done for centuries, and people still do it.

I found it to be very satisfying, but also very difficult.

It takes time.

It requires a lot more work.

I have been painting portraits since the age of six.

I think that when I started this hobby, painting was a hobby for me.

I felt like I needed to be creative, to make something out of nothing.

The only time I ever painted was when I was nine years old, and when I left home, I never painted anything.

But the next year, I got married and started a family.

I painted the first family portrait, and we decided that we would be doing family portraits.

I paint a wide variety of subjects, including portraits of friends, family, strangers, family members, people who have passed away.

When you do it for your own family, you do something for everyone.

I feel that you paint people that you have never met.

There is a story behind every portrait.

It is a history, and in a way, a portrait is a part of that history.

I know that it was the same when I first started painting.

People told me that the first time they painted a portrait I did not look so happy.

People always said, you are painting the wrong person.

And it was very difficult for me to accept that I was painting the same person.

I tried to paint portraits that were my own family.

In my family we always have a portrait painted on the mantelpiece, so that it looks like the mother is holding the baby.

But I had never done it in the family.

I am proud to be a painter and I hope that my work can inspire people to be inspired to be more creative, and to paint more and to create more.

I love painting the pictures of people who are standing on their feet.

I love how they are breathing.

I do not like to paint people on their backs.

I like to make the faces, the eyes, the mouth, the

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