‘I can’t breathe’: Painting artist dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

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The painting company responsible for “Mountain Man” and “Snow White” has fired a former employee who reportedly died of carbon dioxide poisoning.

The California-based company, called the American Dream Group, announced Monday that the company’s president, Brian Foye, was found dead in his home.

Foye’s death was the second in as many weeks for the company, which is run by Michael K. Miller.

The painting company was not immediately available for comment.

Miller’s company, based in New York, has been at the center of controversy after the Associated Press revealed in July that it was the company that was responsible for a “Snowy White” billboard that was located outside of Los Angeles in 2014.

The billboard was removed by the Los Angeles City Council, but the AP reported that the billboard was later replaced with an image of the same billboard.

Miller was one of the co-creators of the “Snowman” film, which won Oscars for best picture and best director for director Robert Altman.

Miller also co-created the “The Lion King” and the “King Kong” films, which were both nominated for Oscars in 2014 and 2015.