Which car spray gun can be used on the road?


The US Department of Defense has issued a new set of rules for military vehicles to be equipped with a weapon designed to spray paint paint or other high-energy compounds.

The rules, published in a Pentagon newsletter, outline how the new system can be deployed to protect against high-speed collisions.

The Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force have been testing the system with vehicles since last year, and the Army has deployed the system in several units.

But the US Department’s guidance says that the system has yet to be fully deployed.

In short, it appears to have some flaws, like the lack of a paintball marker. 

But the Army says it has a “long-term goal” to eventually use the paintball technology to fight high-risk vehicles.

The paintball system can spray up to a million-to-1,000 gallons of paint per second, the Navy says, which could allow for vehicles to withstand up to five miles per hour of vehicle speeds.

The Air Force says it is also considering deploying the paint gun on vehicles.