Which NFL player was the most popular?


With the NFL season upon us, we are finally able to put some numbers to the debate and find out which player has the most fans.

The rankings were compiled by the sports analytics firm Opta Sports and are based on data from the website of ESPN Stats & Info.

The first question we need to ask is who has the fans?

There are a lot of ways to gauge how much fans care about a team, so we will do just that by taking a look at how many fans are following the team on social media.

According to Opta, the average follower is a 30-year-old male, and that number has risen from 26.7% in 2015 to 31.6% this year.

So how did the number go up from last year?

Opta notes that fans were more interested in watching games in October than ever before, with the average of 4.6 million tweets being sent per game in 2018.

That was down from 5.6 per game last year, but it was still the highest average of any season.

Optanablog also notes that the average number of followers per game has gone up from a low of 0.5 million in 2015, to a high of 2.6m in 2018 and now stands at 2.5m.

So who is the most famous NFL fan in 2018?

According to data provided by the NFL, the top two players who are most famous are: 1.

Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and 2.

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys.

Both players were drafted in the first round in 2016, and have since become household names in their respective cities.

Ryan and Bryant are both first-time NFL MVP candidates, while Ryan has won the MVP trophy three times and has won three Super Bowls.

If you are a Cowboys fan, you should probably know that Bryant is known for his off-field antics.

He has had a string of DUI arrests, including one in 2018, and has been suspended by the league for six games after being caught driving under the influence.

The next two players are: 1.

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and 2.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Both quarterbacks are now in their 30s and both have been a long-time fixture in the NFL.

The Panthers are a perennial playoff contender and Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

Newton is also coming off his first NFL MVP award, and is coming off a Super Bowl title.

While there is a correlation between popularity and attendance, that does not mean that fans are necessarily more or less likely to show up to a game. 

So what about the fans that are actually watching?

We know that fans of teams that are winning are more likely to tune in, so a team that is in a playoff spot is more likely than a team in a losing situation to be getting fans.

The teams that have the lowest attendance are:The following is a list of the top ten teams in terms of average attendance this year, and what the average attendances are.

Rank Team Average Attendance 1 Atlanta Falcons 4,000 2 Washington Redskins 2,000 3 New York Giants 1,000 4 New Orleans Saints 1,500 5 Philadelphia Eagles 1,400 6 Carolina Panthers 1,300 7 Miami Dolphins 1,200 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,100 9 Arizona Cardinals 1,00 10 Green Bay 49ers 1,065

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