Auto paint shop opens in Seattle with ceramic paint

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Auto paint shops have long been a fixture of the city’s urban scene.

But now a ceramic paint shop in Seattle is taking up residence in a more exclusive part of the neighborhood.

In a neighborhood of mostly empty storefronts, this small business is opening a small shop to serve people who want to use their cars to decorate their homes, according to the owner, Jen Littman.

“We’re hoping to make a small amount of money off this,” Littmann told The Verge.

The shop is called The Ceramic Paint Shop, and it has a small selection of custom-painted ceramic tile, brick and tile walls, and glass.

Jen Littmans car sits on the floor inside the shop.

Littmans said that when the business first opened, her son had a passion for cars.

Now he’s interested in cars again, but she’s more focused on the ceramic tiles.

“[I]t’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” she said.

There are about 60 ceramic tiles in the shop, she said, with customers ordering from the counter at least once a week.

The shop’s walls have a little bit of an air of craftsmanship to them.

I like the idea of making it with clay and having it in my art.” “

I have a lot of clay and plastic, but I still use clay as my base.

I like the idea of making it with clay and having it in my art.”

She said that she’s looking forward to working with a local art director to create some murals in the building.

This is a very different experience than the one she’s used to in other shops.

She said that the ceramic tile isn’t painted on with a brush, so she uses a paint brush to paint on the tiles instead.

“There’s no way to get rid of the paint, you can’t wash it off,” Lattman said, “so I think it’s a little different.”

There’s a small price tag on the tile, but Litts owner said that her son will pay $100 to $150 a day for ceramic tile.

The tile is about $2,500 to $2.5, depending on the size.

She also said that ceramic tile works well for outdoor decorating.

We can’t do any indoor decor, she added, but it works really well for decorating inside the house.

“We just want to make sure it’s really nice,” she told The Stranger.

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