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An American flag hung on the kitchen wall in a home in the southern California suburb of Lake Oswego, California, as the family painted their new home with a paint gun.

The family painted the house with a mixture of black, red, yellow, orange and white paint.

The homeowner, Sarah, said the gun is a big part of their family and it was a “big surprise” when they received it.

The family is from the Bay Area, and Sarah and her husband had been looking to buy a home for the last few years.

They were looking to upgrade from a condo in the Bay area to a more traditional home in a more “family-friendly area.”

Sarah said they didn’t realize that it would come with a firearm and paint gun was one of the guns they considered.

The gun was the only gun they would use in the house, she said.

They wanted to have a gun that looked cool and looked “American.”

The gun came with a “buy-one, get-one” discount, Sarah said.

Sarah said she’s been told by people she knows that paint guns are legal in some parts of the country.

It’s not something they do often, but the gun could be a “good thing” if you have kids, Sarah added.

The paint gun is about 6 feet long and has a black, blue and orange paint job.

The name of the gun comes from the name of a gun used by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Miranda, who defeated the U.S. Army at San Juan Hill in 1810.