The sunflower paintings of Renaissance painting painter Renaïse de Sade


Renaisse de Sades (1587-1654) was one of the most influential painters in French art and was a prolific painter and sculptor.

The artist’s paintings of sunflowers, flowers, birds and animals are considered to be the most important works of modern French art.

She painted at least 12 sunflower works, of which only a handful have survived to this day. 

One of her most famous works is the “Pyrénées” or “Sunflowers,” an elaborate set of petals painted in a variety of styles from a variety to a broad range of colours and styles. 

In 1613, Sade became the first painter to paint the sunflower flowers and was one the first artists to use the technique of “pyrénée.”

Her “Sunflower Paintings” were a huge success, but many of the paintings were lost to history. 

The original Sunflower Paintments were destroyed in a fire in Paris in 1615 and only three of the original paintings survive today.

The “Sunpaintings” are not known to have survived.

The other three sunflower designs are now in private collections in the US, and some are being exhibited at the New York Art Museum. 

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