What are you looking forward to when you move to Ottawa?


This week, the capital is about to get a bit of a makeover.

In the last few weeks, the city has gone from an almost abandoned industrial wasteland to a place where people have taken over and taken over the city.

As we get closer to that moment, we want to talk about what we’re looking forward as we get here.

If you’re moving here for the first time, the big picture is the same: a place with lots of new and exciting attractions and places to spend your time.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about the arts and design, are looking for a place to live in the city and are looking to connect to other Canadians.

The people who want to stay here should have a great idea of what it takes to live here, and they should be willing to work hard to meet their goals.

It is about getting the right people together, whether it be in a neighbourhood or across the city, and then we want everyone to feel connected and connected to each other.

The arts, for example, is something that’s very important to us here at the museum.

It’s important to people who work in the arts.

It has been a priority for us to get to know people across the community and to build on the relationships that exist, because that is a very important component of the arts community.

We’re all artists, so it’s important that everyone is feeling like they’re contributing to the community.

What about the food?

There’s a new menu coming in for 2018.

There are a lot of restaurants here, but some of the food is not necessarily great.

There are a couple of new restaurants that are opening up, including the new restaurant at Queen’s Quay, but we’re also looking at new food options, too.

I’ve always loved barbecue, and we’re trying to get new, creative food options to try.

We want to make sure that people can make choices based on their comfort level and the type of meal they want to eat.

And then, of course, we have the new retail, which is going to be much more visible and a lot more visible to our visitors, but also our guests, so they can walk into our new store and say, ‘I want to go see the new patio and there’s a beautiful patio in front of the museum.’

That is really important to me.

We have a very big focus on that, so we’re working on a new restaurant, and there will be some new dining options for people to come see.

I’m really excited about the new museum.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to.

I know it will be a lot better than the one we had a couple years ago, because I’ve seen a lot less vandalism, but it will still be a place that people will come and enjoy, but I’m really looking forward, because it’s a huge change.

The best part is that we have a huge team working on it, and that means a lot, and it’s really exciting to have this great team of people, and to have people come together and create a beautiful space for people.