How to build a wall mural using simple painting ideas


I spent an afternoon with some friends in our living room painting a simple wall mural with a basic paint scheme.

In retrospect, I’m pretty proud of how the finished work turned out.

We used a paintbrush, a spray bottle and a paintball to create a basic base.

“The base really does not matter,” said my friend, Ryan, after watching us paint.

“I can get really creative with my paintbrush and spray bottles, but that’s just the base.” 

We started off with a simple base, which was pretty straightforward.

We painted a large rectangle of paint on the canvas, and then added smaller circles.

We ended up with a little bit of a mess because we weren’t able to add a clear coat of paint.

After adding some paint to the base, we added a couple of circles.

These circles, in turn, were used to add other circles.

After adding a few more circles, we started to add some more details. 

Ryan and I then used a spray gun to create some more lines.

After creating more lines, we finally finished adding the final touch: an outline of the artwork.

At this point, we had a wall that had a little more than a dozen layers of paint, and I was excited to paint over it.

Ryan and I started painting over the whole thing, painting the bottom and sides with a thin layer of paint and then finishing with a thick layer of spray paint.

After we finished painting, we placed the finished wall in a box, and we went home.

I knew we needed to create something a little less basic to make the wall look less intimidating.

I was pretty happy with how the work turned and ended up creating a simple painting plan for a simple mural.

This is what the finished product looked like after the paint was removed: To make things more complicated, I added a few decorative elements.

Ryan added a light-up light-bulb to the end of the wall, and another light-show bulb to the other end.

Here’s the result: Here are a couple more of our friends’ wall murals created using our simple painting idea:The final product was completed in less than a week, and it turned out to be a very good and easy way to create beautiful, simple wall murails in less time.

We even painted it on a table! 

“The goal of this project was to make a simple, simple mural with some basic paint schemes,” Ryan told me.

“So I just went and did it.

There was a lot of trial and error, but ultimately it turned into something really easy to do.”

Ryan and my friends used a few different painting techniques, and they worked very well.

We ended up making a really interesting wall mural, which we hope to use as inspiration for our next wall mural project.

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