This is my basement floor painting


The painting is pretty basic, I used two coats of acrylic paint and the light blue is to add some color and texture.

I have also used a light blue pencil to highlight areas where the floor is exposed.

I have also done a little bit of the lighting on the floor with my light blue pencil and an imex pencil.

I like the contrast of the two pencils so I have painted the ceiling and floor with the lightblue and the ime x pencils.

I used two sets of paint on the ceiling, a white to dark blue and a light grey to light blue.

I used a few coats of white paint and then used a layer of light grey paint.

I painted the entire wall using a light pink to dark pink acrylic paint.

You can see the light pink, white, and grey on the sides of the wall and also the wall inside of the bathroom.

I will be doing a little more detail work to the ceiling next time I paint the ceiling.

The bathroom and the hallway will be painted with two coats.

If you look at the pictures below, you can see that I used some paint brushes to highlight the white wall that I covered with the white paint.

The other wall that was painted with the dark grey acrylic paint is also a little detail piece and I used this to paint the other wall as well. The next time I will do some more work on the wall using the dark brown acrylic paint, this will help the colors and contrast better.

Here are some pictures of the ceiling from the floor.

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