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When it comes to painting, Thomas Kinkade and Michael Jackson are among the most beloved artists of all time.

But where did these two masters come from?

The couple’s painting career started in England, where they first met, and they soon moved to New York City.

After working in New York for years, they decided to move back to England and opened their own studio.

Here, Kinkades worked on painting masterpieces including The Beatles and the Beatles II.

His paintings were often considered among the best of the decade.

The couple moved to Los Angeles in 1985 and started their own painting studio, which was eventually sold to the British luxury brand Dior.

The couple have also created a series of unique and iconic paintings that will be on display at the Art Museum of Los Angeles.

The pair’s art was celebrated when they were named the Queen of England in 2000, the same year the royal couple left the British capital for Paris.

“They are my heroes,” Kinkader said in an interview with The Associated Press last year.

He added: “They have given me the confidence to pursue my own interests, my artistic passion.”

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