‘Paint splatters in a painting’ – artist uses ‘paint’ to capture emotions of children


A “paint splash” painting created by artist and painter Simon Wills is showing the world the “splatters of the water” and “paints” in a watercolour.

Mr Wills, a New York based artist, uses watercolours to create artworks and murals.

He said his painting, “The Watercolours of Life”, was inspired by children.

“When I was little, I had a painting of a watercoloured frog in a tree, and the frog was holding a paint splatter in its mouth,” he said.

“It was just an odd little painting, and I didn’t realise that watercolouring was a visual medium that I was really drawn to.”

Mr Wams paintings use watercolors to capture the essence of life.

“I always thought that water was a medium that could be used as a medium to express emotion,” he explained.

“In my mind, I used water as a way to express emotions of joy and love and pain and joy.”

As a child, I was fascinated by watercolour and I loved painting.

“This was my first experience painting, so I just wanted to create something that I liked.”

The artwork, which is one of the most popular paintings in Ireland, is a watercolor and was created by Mr Wills.

“The Watercolour of Life” is now on view at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin and on view in London.

Mr Watkins works mainly in watercoloring, and says his art has helped him cope with stress.

“For me it’s always been a challenge to cope with the pressures of life,” he added.

“Being a young man, there’s a lot of pressure to be successful.”

To have a job and to have a family.

It’s a tough thing for people.””

I think it’s a bit of a blessing and a bit like being a kid,” he continued.”

We are not allowed to make a living as artists, and we have to rely on the support of family and friends to make it work.

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