The colour and style of Canadian street art


A new exhibition titled Color and Style of Canadian Street Art has opened in Ottawa.

The show features a number of local street art projects including the vibrant work by Mina Kambhampati and the playful work by Hilde Mott, both from the West.

“It’s really important to understand the connections between the past and present, and that we’re still making a lot of these connections in this moment,” said Mina.

“People’s sense of the past has changed.

People want to change the present.

They want to have a different way of living.

It’s all about the present and the future, but also what happens to the past.”

Mina said she grew up in Ottawa with a strong love of colour and she’s hoping the exhibition will give her a sense of identity in a changing world.

“I was always really interested in being part of the community and I’m just really looking forward to being part in the show, and having a piece of history in the public domain,” she said.

Mina Kampati is one of two artists to have been chosen to create an original piece for the exhibition.

The other artist was also inspired by the colour and fashion of the day.

Kambhampsati and Mott both said their work was inspired by their hometowns.

“My hometown was a small town in the Northwest Territories, and I always wanted to draw something to represent the people and the culture,” Kampatas told The Canadian Press.

“The colours and the style of the people are something that we were inspired by.

We wanted to make something for ourselves to make us proud.”

Mott said she’s drawn to the citys unique colours, while Kampa said she wanted to bring back the city’s old traditions of street art.

“We want to bring something fresh and contemporary to the street art world,” Mott said.

“I think that’s why we chose the colours.

We want to see the streets in a new way, and we’re not going to be looking for the old, and the old is not here.”

For the exhibition, Mina and Kampathis were inspired to create colourful and bold images based on their hometown.

In a way, they’re inspired by what’s happening in Toronto.

“When I think about the city of Toronto I see it as the modern version of old Ottawa,” Mina said.

“There’s so much that’s happening here.

It was such a beautiful place.

I was really drawn to this idea of the colour.”

Hilde Mots’ work, inspired by her hometown of New York, was created in homage to the colors of the city.

“New York was a place that was so vibrant, and it’s still a place where people still go, like they used to,” Mots said.

For Mott and Kamps, the work also reminds them of their hometown’s heritage.

“Toronto has a rich history,” Mot said.