Why did I buy car paint?


It was a long time ago.

I had just bought my first car, and I wanted to paint my car.

The car paint shop in my hometown of San Jose, California, had a big paint booth.

And I had seen a couple of the new cars on TV.

They had huge paint jobs on them.

I went in there and looked at a few things, but I liked the look of the cars.

And so I bought the paint.

And then a year later, I found out about a car wash called Paintball.

The paintball was really popular.

And the paintball shop was like a family to me.

The owner, Tom Rolston, came from a car dealership, and he used to tell me about how the paint used to be so thick that if you spilled on it, it would bleed, and that you had to use a big brush to get rid of it.

And he would take a piece of paper and he would spray paint it, and it would be as thin as a sheet of paper.

And it was just so appealing to me, and so I went there, and there was this big white paint booth with this big paint job on it.

Tom Rolsons work is legendary in paintball.

He has been in the game since the 1970s, and has been the main draw to the paint ball industry.

And now that it is a national sport, there are hundreds of car owners who come in, paint their cars and have fun.

But Tom Rulsons work has also given him a passion for the sport.

He said in the 1970’s, when paintball became popular, he would always paint the car on his weekends.

And as he grew up, he learned about the paint and the paintballs that are used today.

So, for me, paintball is a passion of mine, and paintball paint jobs are my signature.

He is not only an industry guy, he is also a guy who has been doing paintball for over 40 years.

Tom said in addition to the car paint work, he also paints the tires, and his company, the Red Bull Paintball Team, does the paint for the other teams.

And Tom also works on the paint that goes into the paint-ball balls.

He says he spends about three weeks a year painting cars.

It’s been a long and rewarding career, and this has been something that he has wanted to do for a long, long time.

The business started in 1982, when he and his brother, John, bought a car and went to paintball tournaments.

They found that there were about six other paintball teams that competed in the paint game.

And John started to paint cars in 1983.

And eventually, they got a car.

And that car, a 1979 Ford Mustang, is Tom Roles car now.

It has been painted red, white, blue and black, and is now in the back of his office, with a small plaque on the back.

It was the first time I had ever seen the car.

Tom says the car was a gift to him when he first got it.

He was so impressed with it, he bought a Mustang that he named the Car of the Year.

And in 1985, when it came time for Tom Roes son to go to school, he had the car painted, too.

The next year, he decided to go back to school and paint the Mustang.

He decided to paint the paint so thick and so shiny that it would fade in about a year.

And by 1987, Tom started to learn more about the sport and began to paint car paint jobs himself.

And over the next two years, Tom was painting car paint for all of the teams.

In 1994, he painted the car he owns today, a 1995 Ford GT.

And on a couple occasions, he even painted the paint job of another car he owned.

So Tom Rolls work is very much his signature.

And we are honored to have him as one of our own, and we hope that his work will continue for a very long time, and Tom Rolicons work will also continue to be part of the industry for a while.

And hopefully for years to come.

And thank you for joining us on The Sports Hub today.