How to draw a cartoon painting, cartoon painting


A young couple with a passion for cartooning, and their daughter have decided to do something different for their birthday.

Claire and Stephen, who are from Melbourne, had never drawn before.

They’ve been fascinated by the medium since their school days and decided to make a full-length cartoon for their wedding.

“I’m a huge fan of cartoons and have been drawing for a long time, so we thought we would try something different,” Ms Claire told ABC News.

“It’s really fun to draw and we really like doing it in our spare time and not getting too busy.”

Claire told the couple wanted to make their own artwork for the occasion and chose to draw an illustration of the couple’s daughter.

“We’re really excited to do this because we have a lot of memories of our daughter and we think it would be very touching to do a full cartoon with her,” she said.

“The idea of having a cartoon with your own daughter is something that we’ve always wanted to do.

It’s something that our parents would have been proud of.”

Clare and Stephen’s daughter, Sarah, is 5 years old and has always loved cartoons.

She also loves the concept of a “cartoon house” where the family can take pictures, watch cartoons and play with toys.

“There’s a whole world of possibilities for this sort of thing,” Ms Clare said.”[It would be] a really fun way to show her that it’s really a lot different than just drawing and being bored.”

They’ve created their own cartoon book, The Cartoon House, for the couple, which will be released on Tuesday.

They also have a Facebook page, which is set to be used to show the couple and their children how to draw cartoons.

The couple said they wanted to be able to tell their kids about their love for cartoon art, but have been overwhelmed by the response.

“As soon as we posted the post we were inundated with requests for a picture and a cartoon to go with the wedding picture,” Ms Clary said.

The post went viral, with the couple receiving a number of messages from people around the world.

“People are just really blown away by what they’ve done, and the response has been amazing,” Ms Clancy said.

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